A letter to my daughter…

Reese Avery,

The other day as you laid in my arms I stared into your deep blue eyes and started to think about all they might see someday. I watched them doze off into sleep and then began to look at your little ears, nose, and hands. I thought about the capability and potential each part of you has to give to the world and take from it. That is both a wonderful and scary thought. I began to pray something like this as I scanned your delicate and growing little body…

Eyes: I pray that your eyes are not easily captivated by shiney outsides and hollow insides; but that your eyes see true beauty and depth. That they see into the heart of matters and people. That your eyes do not gloss over the world but that they take it in with wonder and awe. That above all, your eyes will one day see with an eternal perspective.

Ears: I pray that you will not only hear, but really listen to, these words: you are known, you are loved, you are unique, and you have value. That you will hear laughter. That you will get to hear the force of crashing waves on the ocean shore, the hussle and bussle of city life, and the stillness of birds chirping in the forest. That above all, your same ears will one day hear different languages around the throne all worshipping one King.

Mouth: I pray that you will speak words of life to those around you, not words of destruction. That you would use your mouth to sing, laugh, smile, and speak kindess. That your tongue would not be a tool for gossip or manipulation. That above all, you will use your mouth to proclaim the hope that is within you to your classmates, neighbors, and to the ends of the earth.

Hands: I pray that you would have hands that work hard. Hands that are quick to help and serve others. Hands that are also willing to reach out and take help from others. Hands that give freely. That do not pat yourself on the back. That welcome in the outcast. That high five the happy. That hold the hand of the weeping. That above all, your hands will humbly and joyfully lift in surrender of all that you have, want, and are, to Jesus.

Mind: I pray that you would think well and deeply. That you would not be quick to believe everything you hear, including from your dad and me. That you would think for yourself. That your brain would be filled with curiosity. That you would see learning as a gift, and enjoy it. That your knowledge would build up, not puff up. That above all, your mind would grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

Heart: Lastly, I pray for your heart. I pray you have lots of passion as well as compassion. That your heart would both break and boil over the right things. That you would not keep your heart (as precious as it is) to yourself, but that you would share it with others… even though that means it will get hurt sometimes. That it would be soft and tender. Humble and forgiving.That above all, your heart would explode with a love for God and a love for others.

We long for every part of your body to be made new and transformed into instruments that are used to turn back around and glorify the One who created you.

We love you so much- our sweet, stubborn, spunky little Reesey bug-


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