Anxiety: intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur.


Anxiety cannot fully embrace the good in front because it is too busy bracing for the bad that must be lurking behind

Anxiety is sinking into the waters while driving over a bridge

Anxiety hears the mocking whispers of others who are not even talking

Anxiety quickly locks the door to keep things out and slowly turns around to ensure nothing got locked inside

Anxiety hides in the bathroom

Anxiety locks all the windows, and locks them again

Anxiety goes to sleep exhausted from the mental worse-case-scenario game it’s been playing all day

Anxiety wakes up exhausted from nightmares

Anxiety sighs and shrinks and shakes and sweats

It consumes

It suffocates

It paralyzes

It steals

It taunts

It lies

But the terrifying thing is it also tells the truth

The truth?

The truth is we are capable of being harmed

We do not know what is going to happen to us

Our worst fears may come to pass

And ultimately, we have no control over what happens to us 

Anxiety does what anxiety can’t have

The very control it desperately chases ends up enslaving

Yet it is here, in the admitting of our limitations, that we are freed from its shackles

We find freedom, not in tackling control to the ground, but in releasing it

It is here, in the battle ground of anxiety, that we fight its own truths with its own lies

Dear brother, sister, bought by the blood of Jesus,

Anxiety is lying to you:

It does not give the protection it offers

Someone better than itself is in control

He is the one who gives peace in relentless storms

He is the one who gives joy in the deepest of sorrows

He is the one who gives light in the darkest of places

He is the one who gives strength in the weakest of moments

He does not promise us protection from all our fears,
but He promises His presence as we walk through them

His presence is the best place to be; To dwell and to land
And to launch headfirst into the unknown

The release is worth the risk when His arms are the place we get to fall

Let’s spend our time getting to know our God better than we know our anxieties.
Even if they never fully flee.









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